Simplify Life

Make Every
Moment Count

The Heart Of Simplify Life
Meet Sarah Camirand

Sarah Camirand, a mother of two and a diligent businesswoman, struggled to find balance between her professional life and motherhood. This personal journey led to the creation of Simplify Life, a service designed to help families regain their precious time and balance.

Where The Journey Started

The inception of Simplify Life began with a struggle many of us can relate to - finding the perfect harmony between work and family. Sarah found herself missing precious moments with her family due to the constant juggling of responsibilities. It was a struggle shared by many families, and thus, in 2015, Simplify Life was born. Our aim was simple - to assist families in Durham, making their lives easier by providing services tailored to their needs.

Our Evolution
From humble beginnings as a one-woman endeavour, Simplify Life has grown exponentially. Today, we're proud to have an incredible team serving families across the GTA and Durham Region. We measure our success not just in numbers, but in the smiles and relief of the families we serve.
Our Mission Is Simple

To help families across the GTA and Durham Region simplify their lives. We provide high-quality, healthy meal services, freeing up your time to enjoy the moments that matter most.