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What people Are Saying.

The Turkey dinner was perfection, thank you so much!


I've used Sarah's services on numerous occasions.  She takes all the stress out of entertaining!  I never host a party without Sarah's help!  She is fantastic and has always delivered above and beyond service and delicious food! Her services are worth their weight in gold - they give me back my time and allow me to keep my sanity!


Dinner was absolutely delicious!! We had so much food!!


I'm a mom of three boys 7,4 and 8 months. The ladies at simplify life have changed my life. They have made it so I do not panic over the things I can't get done at home. Anytime I need anything they always help me as much as they can. I highly highly recommend these wonderful ladies.  Thank you for lifting so much off my shoulders and giving me that extra time with my family.


Sarah and Kelly are absolutely the best! I have been using Simplify Life's services weekly now for over a year and I can't imagine not having the help. They literally do it all, and then some. From the first day when Sarah helped clean newborn poop off my leg and carpet to the endless piles of laundry to fold, I can't imagine a more warm, friendly, proactive, helpful team. Thank you! 


The team at Simplify Life have just packed me up and unpacked me for my Dec 1 move in Port Hope. They were amazing! I can't say enough good things -lovely team, careful and conscientious.  All done within a few hours. Thank you for making moving a delight!!!


Sarah is a life saver and a  "Get-it-done-domestic-Goddess" ... I'm so
grateful to have Sarah and Simplify Life as a go-to resource for helping me keep my sanity while balancing family, business ownership and life. Thank You Sarah for everything!

Laura & Steve

The food was absolutely delicious. Thank you so much for everything. Everyone enjoyed all the dishes for dinner AND leftover turkey sandwiches for lunch the next day!

Saara W

The food was great! All the sides were wonderful and the turkey had great flavour. That apple crisp is to die for. Definitely made Thanksgiving dinner a lot easier!