Father’s Day BBQ Box

      $250 Full Order Feeds 6-8 people

      $185 Half Order Feeds 3-5 people

      Includes delivery on Sunday June 18th between 9am - 1pm

      Order cutoff date is Saturday June 12th

      Heat & Serve 


      We cook our Brisket the only way it should be cooked, low and slow. Seasoned with our house made coffee and brown sugar rub then smoked for 20 hours. 

      1.5 lbs Full Order 

      ¾ lbs Half Order

      Smoked Ribs 

      In our opinion, if you are BBQing ribs the only way to go is with pork side ribs. We season ours with a secret house made rub and then throw them on the smoker for 7 hours. These juicy side ribs are sure to be a hit.

      Full Rack Full Order

      ½ Rack Half Order 

      Texas Twinkies 

      Our twist on a down south favourite. Low and slow brisket mixed with red onions, cream cheese and Monterey Jack cheese. Jalapeños are stuffed with this delicious filling, wrapped in bacon and grilled to perfection. 

      12 pc Full Order

      6 pc Half Order

      BBQ Jack Chicken 

      It starts with fresh whole chickens in an apple cider brine.  Smoked and grilled for two hours.  Just before pulling these birds off the grill we smother them in a house made Jack Daniels BBQ sauce.

      Full Chicken Full Order

      ½ Chicken Half Order 


      Mexican Street Corn 

      This traditional Mexican street food starts with grilling the corn in their husks, keeping the corn sweet and juicy.  When serving these cobs of corn, drizzle them with garlic, lime juice, cilantro and chilli crema and sprinkle with cotija cheese.

      10 pc Full Order

      6 pc Half Order

      Loaded Baked Potatoes 

      There isn't much we have to say about these barbecue classics! We take large russet potatoes and season and bake them to perfection.  When served, top with butter, sour cream, shredded cheese, and bacon bits.

      12 pc Full Order

      6 pc Half Order


      Pasta Salad

      Nothing says summer like a fresh vegetable pasta salad. We toss macaroni, onions, peppers, tomatoes, corn and cucumbers in our famous BBQ garlic aioli and apple cider vinegar dressing. 

      Maple Butter Cornbread 

      We start with a Canadian staple of maple syrup combined with corn, buttermilk, flour, cornmeal and butter.  This tasty cornbread is served with a side of jalapeño jam. 

      10 Halves Full Order

      5 Halves pc Half Order

      Bacon Baked Beans

      A little sweet and sassy.  We slow cook our beans to make them just like mom used to. Onions, peppers, brown sugar, molasses, apple cider and ketchup are but a few of the ingredients to make this flavourful side dish .

      Citrus Slaw

      Fresh and crisp. We toss a mixture of grated cabbage, carrots, onions, green onions in a tangy but sweet citrus vinaigrette.

      1 product

      1 product