Helping the busy modern day family Simplify Life.

Mission Statement

Simplify Life does just that! We get it; we have been there! We are here to help the busy modern day families accomplish the everyday task, which take away from being present while making happy memories. We want you to be able to enjoy all of life’s moments with your friends and families without feeling stressed and distracted.

Sarah has been a great help since the new addition to our family! With the unexpected start of being in the NICU for the first few days of our second daughters life, things were busier than anticipated. We have needed help with meals, watching our older daughter, and light house work; Sarah has excelled at assisting us with all of these tasks and knows just when to step in! Since she has a young family of her own, she knows the highs and lows of raising children and is great with infants and toddlers alike. Her culinary background makes for wonderful food ideas and tips, not to mention delicious and nutritious meals! We may have survived without Sarah, but she sure made LIFE a lot more SIMPLE, especially during the early days of bringing home baby #2! We truly appreciate all the help that Sarah is able to provide!

Katie Singer

I have had the opportunity to utilize Sarah’s skills for two functions. Her food is amazing! Her warm outgoing personality combined with her skills and professionalism will make her services a huge asset to Durham’s busy professionals.

Mary Townsend Clark

A big thank you to Sarah Camirand who provided her services to help pack up and organize my home as we get ready to install new flooring in the coming weeks. This is going to be a big project and sarahs assistance today has made things so much easier. I really appreciate all her hard work and would highly recommend her business and services to anyone with a similar projects!!!!!

Carly Byron

Thank you, once again, for you’re amazing, fabulous, detailed work you do in my home. I come home and raise my hands in the air and yelp happily every time you are here. You simplify my life in more ways than I can ever fully express. Thank you!!!

Desiree Lee

Sarah came to help us prepare for the arrival of our third child and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Sarah helped us with organizing baby clothes, cleaning out closets to make more room for stuff, organizing busy boxes for my two older children, getting rid of stuff we didn’t need, organizing our toy bins as well as preparing food to have in the freezer for when the baby arrives. I cannot describe the peace I felt when it was all done and I was amazed at how much work Sarah was able to accomplish in just two short days. All of the jobs completed were things that I meant to do in the past, could have done but just never found the time for and as a result the clutter and disorganization just continued to get worse. I strongly recommend her services for any busy family and can tell you from the bottom of my heart, it is worth every
penny. I absolutely will be hiring Sarah again.

Leanne Keddie